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A restaurant of author with the bitterness of transalpine lands

A restaurant of author with the bitterness of transalpine lands

N'Dalo Rock

It's hard not to notice him ! In the street Engineer Duarte Pacheco in the center of Caldas da Rainha , is notable for its façade adorned compared to other shops .

You enter and probably deceive us with the door , pulled it out, but ultimately , you have to push . These things happen , it is not always the canons of ergonomics are followed to perfection .

The decor is quaint, but we already there . Now , Let us look first about your kitchen , it raises so many questions when we try to classify exactly what kind of restaurant it is . Just call it Italian , can be restrictive . For although nobody jeopardize the transalpine inspired dishes , the vast majority are actually dishes author cuisine , with many adaptations and happy concessions to Portuguese cuisine . If not , make reparation to the delicious Monkfish Medallions with Asparagus Risotto and Sauce Tinta Roriz , or Tagliatelli desirable Scallops with Foie - gras goose , are not exactly typical Italian cooking recipes . But it hardly matters , because the service is nice and neat and deserves all the credit .

The initiative to create an unconventional letter came the purpose of doing something different and, above all , well done. Apparently , it seems that this objective has been achieved , though , also serve pizzas . And that yes, quite faithful to that cook up in Italy , as well as the Chocolate Profiteroles or tiramisu . Ie copyright , ma non troppo !

It's so funny, because due to this peculiarity of the house , according to the owner , the customers are not very consensual time to rank the restaurant. Much depends on the profile of each person and mainly their gastronomic tastes . For some it is just Italian for others are the pizzas , but for most it is the Taste of Italy . The decor of the house is nice and sophisticated . Its 60 locations distributed across tables with green tablecloths, not very large but cozy , with enough room to be comfortable space, while retaining a cozy atmosphere . Interestingly, the Taste of Italy also works a bit like an art gallery , exhibiting paintings of various artists in their yellowed walls , frames these customers if they wish and take a few hundred euros more in your pocket , may acquire . In the center of the room there are the golden pillars , pulling a little to the Roman Domus . In addition, there are other small details such as shelf with bottles with vinegar , oil soaked mushrooms or simply the raw pasta. Are not consumer products , but the aesthetic effect works well . At the bottom of the room , there is a piano in the bar which in ancient times used to liven up the nights and long evenings which went to the end - of - week. Nowadays warm piano notes no longer resonate more in the room , unless a customer for most gifted musical arts , decide desentorpecer fingers , running along the keyboard , making the release notes . In short , the price-quality ratio is appropriate given the excellent level of service . And for those who want a cheaper meal, pizza can be the ideal solution .

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