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Gazeta das Caldas

Gazeta das Caldas starts a new line in this issue on the restoration of the area and visit some of the greatest and most iconic restaurants, to be proposed by Pierre d ' bi Annunciation, one of our readers who also lives in Foz do Arelho .
Stone of the Annunciation is a journalist , having started his career in 1975 in the weekly Expresso . Between 1989 and 2002 he was an adviser to the press in Portugal Embassy in Madrid and returned to Portugal , he returned each week, and then in the sun when it was created. Also gave their collaboration on the radio , with regular reviews of the RDP program " Said and done" Joaquim Letria and in "24th Hour" , Rádio Comercial. Between 1980 and 1988 , he was a commentator on RTP ' info 2 ' Joaquim António directions Mega Ferreira and Letria .
Currently collaborating with the weekly Sun and is the author of the blog http://prazaresaosol.blogs.sapo.pt . It is also the managing partner of the company Lusoguias where co-edits the site Charm & Comfort News ( www.charmcomfort.com <http://www.charmcomfort.com> ) .
Recently collaborated in the Gazeta das Caldas supplement devoted to 135 years of John Doe .

New Taste of Italy

Reopened May 15 , the feast day in the city of Caldas da Rainha , the new version of the old taste of Italy - now in the old place fish, a nice little brown tiles , the summit served to owners to install his residence.
We can say that this restaurant, which serves excellent food since 1995 by the municipality and the Mother Church, now appears no major changes in the appearance gourmet - but quite different in decor. And in my opinion , for the better. I know that tastes are not discussed , ask - and thus differ depending on the social environment in which everyone was polite. I think your very kitch around some columns that sought to remind the rocks of ancient Roman architecture and their followers. This is surely feel confused by the new look of the house.
Now , the decor is very modern, between brown , silver and wooden panels lacquered in white . Chairs, upholstered arms , with short espaldas involve very comfortably back, focus on the convenience of the environment. Dishes tables has also been modernized , but in the classical canons of eating well . It is hoped that the sophistication only in those less comfortable with these procedures. You could say that we felt there, in an environment of little luxury , much larger luxury prices then in charge of the list.
In addition, in the new version , they keep these dishes more aware that the crisis has forced the House to adopt , even in his earlier.
However, the taste of Italy Restaurant continues to be one of the great restaurants in the city and the region. What is largely to taste their owners, Maria João Marcelino and Norberto (44 and 49) have this your business . German emigrants to Switzerland in time, after studying the hotel in Geneva ended in Gstaad management , working in a restaurant of Italian luxury. Returned to Portugal in 1992, Norberto still employed as Deputy Director Buçaco until you can open in their country three years later, your own business.
The list has been slightly renovated but retains the essential character that made ​​him famous restaurant. Product quality is very important, and the region in this regard help. A simple caprese salad, here is the best I've eaten, either by the quality of local peeled tomatoes (here), or mozzarella, basil and olive oil and even fiolhas .
There are very good people who think the best risottos that house the main list, I think especially lemon irresistible with scallops and asparagus. And then there are issues such as the Mediterranean , swordfish and many vegetables . Or various fish (swordfish , tuna, salmon , monkfish ) with risotto and vegetables monitoring Ratatui .
Among the flavors of Italy adopted here highlights the flavors that the owners have created: chanterelles, porcini mushrooms , truffles , polenta, various herbs . More typical Italian recipes, and more risottos , pizzas there and folders ( allowing ample meals included).
In places , especially the shrimp stock, sometimes with ceps, chanterelles with others - by the market, or Jacques scallops au gratin with Muscat wine .
And in meat, we can have a little leg of lamb with polenta , or medallions of venison with chestnuts, slips , Porto and blueberries, or pork tenderloin with blackberries and mushrooms, duck or duck sauce port and clementines .
The diversity of ideas menu leaves the conformity of a concrete classification . The same dish without leaving the list , go through the curious developments. Duck Maigret was made with port and prunes, with fresh polenta and honey sauce with tarragon and tangerines.
Desserts, attach any hot and cold, are another scourge from gratin potatoes with cinnamon ice cream , soup through blackberries with cream cheese ice cream or frozen raspberries with lemon symphony 's award-winning rock pear mousse with pear pear rock and ice rock.
And then there is the extensive wine list , with the Western Region well represented , and proposals to the glass - from input brut sparkling .


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